Welcome to our training section!

Below you will see several different training packages to choose from. Listed is a brief explanation of what each one entails. Within the type of training there are several options, so you will want to talk to us before trying to decide which would be best for your situation.

* Though we do have base prices for certain options, prices are estimated and quoted after an initial  free evaluation. Meeting you and your pup is the best way to determine how long and what steps we need to take to get you to your training goals.



Board and Train

By far our most popular option! We train your pup for you. But don't worry... they won't forget you because we keep you updated with pictures, videos and progress via text or social media. If your worried about the training not sticking when they come home, included in every package is private lessons at our Pampered Pup location to ensure a soft hand-off that allows us to work with you and your pup until you learned as much as your they did.

$1500 for 4 to 6 week package or $700/Monthly

Private Lessons

One on one lessons that can be bought in a package or individually. This option works great if you have time to be engaged in the process or if you are a do it yourself kinda person. Results may vary with this as it does require you to be able to complete weekly homework.

$350/ 6 week program on-site lesson

*Price varies* for 6 week in home lessons and are available in limited quantities. Contact for pricing and availability. 

Group class

Group classes will be held weekly at The Pampered Pup and are geared toward pet/family obedience. Spots are limited. There are two group options available. A structured course and a drop-in class. The cost for

$150/ 6 week group class. 

Service dog

This customized service is broken into a couple of parts, Temperament assessment, Basic obedience, Advanced Obedience, Public Access Training, Skills Training and then Certification. We also Certify ESA and Therapy dogs but those programs vary slightly from service work with different rights under the ADA.

* Please keep in mind not all pets can do the work of a Service animal, if you don't have a dog in mind or need help finding that perfect partner we work with several breeders and rescues to find you what will fit your needs and budget.

More Training Options!

Other services are available through The Pampered Pup. Please visit www.pamperedpuplou.com for more information!

Customized Training Options

Didn't see something that fits your training goal? Our broad range of skills will help you achieve it! Just let us know what your thinking and we can create a plan just for you!